Wednesday, January 30, 2019

EasyDialer(轻松拨号), iOS 11 电话插件,T9搜索联系人


1. 如下图所示,你可以简单输入"27753" 或 "apple"(再可以输入的界面)来找到所有保持在你手机上的苹果公司的联系方式。
2. 当然,你也可以通过输入电话号码的一部分数字,比如"7272"来找到联系人Apple.HK。
3. 对于中文用户,你可以通过拼音全拼的字母或其对应的T9数字,也可以通过拼音首字母或其对应的T9数字来搜索联系人。比如:输入"zhangsan" (94264726) 或 "ZS" (97) 可以找到联系人"张三"。


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EasyDialer, a T9 searching tweak of for iOS 11

This tweak will make you searching contacts very easily by T9 logical.

1. As shown below, you can simply enter "27753" or "apple" to get all apple's contacts.
2. Of course, you can also enter sub-string of number, like "7272" to get Apple.HK.
3. For Mandarin user, you can use full Chinese phonetic alphabet, or First Phonetic Letters to do the searching. e.g. "zhangsan" (94264726) or "ZS" (97) for the contact named "张三".

If you are interested in this tweak, you can add my experimental cydia repo, and install EasyDialer.
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