Thursday, April 4, 2019

EasyBrowser - open URL links with your favorite browser.

Initial released version is 0.0.2-2, on my experimental repo - 

EasyBrowser enable you to open URL links with your favorite browser. It now supports:

1. links in cydia (single-tap), e.g. purchase link, etc.
2. links in setting/preference (single-tap), e.g. about, buy me a coffer papal link, etc.
3. links in dock apps (single-tap), e.g. - link to the weather channel, - link to and other data providers, etc.
4. links in dock apps' view (single-tap), e.g. - link in notes, - link in message.
5. links in Browser (long-tap, pop-up menu) - links in pages.
6. links in right-bottom safari/browser icon in app (single-tap), e.g. in, open an url, you can single-tap the icon to open current url in favorite browser.